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Mobility Assessment

Been feeling a twinge and wondering if it’s something or nothing?

Have a look at how we assess our clients here at Prohab.

You can even use what you learn to test yourself!

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Welcome to Prohab Performance

Prohab takes health to a new level by combing functional neurology and functional movement. We take the latest science and build it into our ‘hands-on’ care that solves pain, restores health and drives performance.

Our assessment reveals if nerves are firing at the right time and in the right order for healthy and safe movement. We assess your whole body and suss out any imbalances, weaknesses or existing injuries and tailor a corrective programme of functional movement exercises to your specific needs.

Our bespoke and holistic approach rapidly increases healing rates, minimises the likelihood of injuries and keeps the most hectic lives balanced.

First visit involves a movement assessment called a Prohab Movement Screen. This looks at normal movement and gives feedback about imbalances or weakness that may lead to injury or reveals previous injures not fully healed.

Armed with this knowledge our Sport Chiropractors tailor a programme of neurological and spinal adjustments, mobility correctives and lifestyle advice.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Our Facility

We have a full range of professional gym and assessment equipment ensuring we have everything you’ll need on your path to a better you.

  • Private consultation room
  • Adjusting area
  • Mobility training space
  • TRX
  • Viper
  • Kettle-bells
  • Slack line
  • Watt Bikes
  • Olympic lifting platform
  • Full change facilities

Meet The Pros

Dr Carlyle Jenkins

Dr Carlyle Jenkins

Founder & Director

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